Over 24? Get on a large one. Over 19? get on an slightly less larger one!

DAS (Direct Access Scheme) for a Full Licence and the A2 licence

Training for the tests.

Effectively the bike you take your test on determines the type of Licence you get. See the test page for the full rules, but basically if you are under 24 its a nightmare! over 24's can take it on 600 cc bikes +.

Whichever bike you use for the test, the training is virtually the same. If you do Fancy riding a Large one then the Direct Access Scheme is for you and if you are over 19 then an intermediate bike is the way ahead (A2). DAS is only available to over 24's and the bike you take your test on must be over 53.6 BHP. At 2wheelskool we use the Suzuki Gladius 650s they are modern, clean, low, easy to ride and fulfil the DAS criteria. Our bikes are of the highest standard, they are not held together with black tape or string. For the A2 licence we have a few restricted versions of the Gladius (ho how we laughed). When test training you must be accompanied by an instructor at all times so if you use your own bike it has to be delivered to the training area by someone qualified to ride it. Our large bikes are winterised so no cold hands for our customers!

DAS Training Leeds and Bradford   motorbike test Leeds

95% of over 24's do the DAS scheme, which means you are directly accessing a full unrestricted licence. We are extremely successful at providing this training with a very high pass rate. There are 2 ways to go, book daily or hourly lessons and pay as you go or do a course with us. DAS and A2 courses are usually fully inclusive. They include CBT, theory test fee, both parts of the practical test fees and all bike hire and tuition. For courses the training must be taken in full days or at least 3 to 4 hour sessions. We do realise some customers already have various qualifications towards a licence, CBT thetheory test etc... so we also offer part courses to complete the rest. We try to make your training as flexible as possible to suit individual needs.

If you are just doing an upgrade from either A1 to A2 or A2 to DAS then it is probably best to just do some refresher training by the hour/multiple hour rate. The tests will be the same as those taken before. Its just the bike you take them on has to be the right capacity and power to qualify you.

DAS Training in West Yorkshire

If you commence a DAS or A2 course and are not ready for a big bike after your CBT day then we offer the options of either taking more 125 training with an instructor or hiring out one of our 125's. We find that for less experienced riders this reduces training time quite a lot and gets them ready to convert to the bigger bikes much quicker. Our rental rates are very competitive, terms and conditions apply .

Two new arrivals to the fleet. Since Jan 2013 the European 3DLD has made it the rule that to get a DAS licence the bikes have to be over 600cc so these new Suzuki Gladius fit that criteria a treat. They also have a very low centre of gravity which makes them easy to ride slowly, and they have ample power for the speed work. We are uppgrading steadily to the ABS versions.

cbt in west yorkshire