Meet the instructors. We are not as scary as we look in the pics, Honest!

A little info on each of the team.

Loz Williams


Motorcycle Instruction - loz Loz has been riding since he spat his dummy. He has years of riding experience under his belt everything from field bikes to Fizzies (mopeds) to Off Road competitions (Army Champion) to 1000cc sports bikes on track days (nutter). He has gallons of instructing experience through 24 years service with her Majesties Right Royal Army and 15 years running 2Wheelskool the most succesful in West yorkshire.

His qualifications are endless. He was an Army Bike instructor which is regarded to be second only to the coveted police class1 course. He has attained the Armies highest instructor qualifications, teaching other instructors and was appointed to a school of excellence in his field. He passed both CBT and DAS qualifications at Cardington first time and with glowing reports.He has passed the IAM and Edge advanced riding tests, he is registered as an advanced RPMT instructor to teach the Enhaced rider scheme. Loz qualified as an FBOS first aider in 2005. In 2004 he won the Moto road stars National Biking competition, being declared Britain's Safest Biker. Suzy Perry presented the award and he appeared in numerous local press and radio reports. He has now been racing endurance for the Army for a number of seasons. If I think of anything else I will vomit.

He was the Chief instructor at 2Wheelskool and responsible for training and monitoring all the instructors who work there needless to say he ensures the same exemplary standards that he sets himself. 2 down trained instructor trained by Loz have progressed to become DVSA examiners.

Loz teaches some of the DAS work and over 300 students passed their test with us last year. The introduction of the new test, the really wet winter weather, the credit crunch, BREXIT, leaves on the track etc.... will probably affect this years numbers. Loz did what he considered unthinkable only a couple of years ago and bought a cruiser (V Rod), It has gone now much to the relief of the other guys who were getting concenrned about his sexuality. One thing is certain in life you will get older! Loz rides a GSXR1000K7 on the track and his work/leisure bike is a Yamaha MT07.

Motorcycle Riding Instruction - Loz