Quickest and most cost effective way to that full Motorbike licence.We do everything for you and guide you all the way.

Full Motorcycle Training Courses

From beginning to end.

The courses we run at 2wheelskool and are designed to get you a full Motorcycle licence as quickly, cheaply and easily as possible. Our philosophy is train hard, pass easy my child.

The way they work is usually Day 1 is your CBT day. On this day we also book, plan and explain the theory test plus provide you with training aids to prepare for it. A lot of schools expect you to pay and do the theory off your own back we dont! We will also begin training you for Module 1 (as it is now called) the off road manouvres. We have a large flat tarmaced site for this purpose. If you have already done a CBT with us this may be an assesment/conversion day onto a geared or DAS/A2 bike. The two parts to your Motorbike test Module 1 off road and Module 2 on road must be done in that order and must be taken on the same category of bike i.e. 125, automatic, DAS 600+ etc...

DAS Training in Leeds and Bradford

There will then be a 1/2 week gap whilst you go attend your theory and pass it. See the test page for more info on the theory test. During this period we will also be training you for Module 1. The Theory has to be taken before Module 1 and once you have passed both the theory and Mod 1 you return to do the remainder of your course 1/2 days etc.. to train and pass your Module 2 test. If you already have a theory then on your first day we will be booking and planning the Module 1 test for you, also the course prices are reduced to reflect you are not paying for a theory test.

From start to finish it is about 3/5 weeks dependent on bookings and the time of year. The reason for it is this length is awaiting bookings and time delays between completing a stage and naming your details for the next one. All these tests have a lead in system which they must be named by or cancelled. So the organising of your individual tests has to stick to the rules.

As a Training school we have Theory tests and both parts of the Practical test pre booked weeks and months in advance. We also are one of the few schools with a large Module 1 training site. Believe us it is size that matters. Visit the Prices page and you will see how competitive we are. You pay as you go so you don't have to bring all the money on day 1.

Neither we or yourself know exactly how many days and hours training you need to get to test standard. (1 Day is 6hrs) Everyone is different in their level of experience and how quickly they pick things up and respond to the training. We usually ask you to bring enough to cover Day 1 and your test fees then pay each subsequent day as you attend. You pay up the balance on test day. So the prices page gives you a fairly accurate idea of what it could cost, the exact amount depends on the individual. Parts of days are charged at the hourly rates.

As a general guide 3 days would suit people with CBT and a full car licence (i.e. they have taken a driving test of some description before) and quite a bit of road riding experience. 3.5 to 5 days is our general course span for people who can ride a bike or are returning to biking and have a full car licence. 4 to 6 days + is more likely for novices with very little or no riding experience. To gain experience and riding practice 2Wheelskool can rent out 125cc bikes to students who are on courses with us. The rates are very competitive and we find it generally reduces the the overall length of your course, plus it prepares you to convert onto bigger bikes quicker.