Meet the instructors. We are not as scary as we look in the pics, Honest!

A little info on each of the team.

Steve Page


Motorbike Lessons and CBT with Steve

Steve is from darn' sarf and is the stereotype of a cheeky cockney. He is also now the Chief Instructor at 2Wheelskool. But don't let the laid back image fool you he is serious about teaching you to ride and goes that extra mile to achieve it. I should know I pay the fuel bills! He got his qualifications in 2001 after deciding on a change of career and lifestyle.

He is both CBT1 and DAS qualified, flying through the DSA Cardington assessments with ease and on his first attempt. He has a humourous approach to training which works wonders with the more nervous trainees, he laughs everything off "c'est la vie". He is mainly a DAS instructor and has a vast amount of knowledge on what the examiners require of you.

He is in his 17th year working with us and loves the job of teaching people to ride. He has held his licence since the blitz and with his formative riding career being in London, his riding skills are of the highest standard. In his spare time Steve renovates houses, his own, his 3 daughters, his sons and mows his vast lawn, so Steve really does not have any spare time!

Steve's main aim any year is to win the lottery and get a blade, he finally got his 900 divvy back after almost a year. Thats how long it took wrangling with the insurance company after it was stolen but sadly that has now died and been replaced by a CBF1000. (which he loves) Then he wants a new blade, or a second hand blade, or even a blade key ring will do. He misses his blade. Spare blade dust cap anyone?

Motorcycle Training in Leeds and Bradford with Steve