Meet the instructors. We are not as scary as we look in the pics, Honest!

A little info on each of the team.

Steve Williams


Motorbike Lessons and CBT with Steve

Steve Williams is the newest member of the 2Wheelskool team, and a “Downtrained” CBT instructor. He first threw his leg over a little Honda Monkey Bike aged 5 and has been riding ever since. He competed in motorcross from the age of 11 and finally gave up competition at 17 with a number of trophies to his name.

He has worked at several motorcycle dealerships over the years in both sales and the technical side. He has also clocked up the miles touring Europe on two wheels. Various destinations such as Holland, Spain, Germany and Italy. As a family man with 4 children, he can be found hiding in the garage usually building his favoured streetfighter styled bikes. Generally a Suzuki. They are renowned for their ability to style this way and Steve loves Suzukis. Also spends hours hitting the road for a ride. He has now found a love for passing on his enthusiasm for all things motorbike. So the recent transition into the instructor field is an obvious route for the next Motorbike related part of Steves life.

Motorcycle Training in Leeds and Bradford with Steve