I am trying to get public awareness within the Yorkshire area of the chaos the new motorcycle test is going to cause and here is another slant on the issue.

The environmental impact.

Many people are unaware that come October this year there will no longer be a Motorcycle test centre within West Yorkshire. This has come about because the DSA, the providers have failed to locate and build the 2 centres this county should have.

The DSA produce a risk assessment whenever they make any new proposals, they call it RIA (Regulatory Impact Assessment). They did one for the implementation of the new test and failed to include any real environmental impact. (A copy of their RIA on environmental issues is attached.)

What they have failed to recognise is the huge extra distances motorcycle training will create due to their removal of local test centres. Not only is there the direct cost of extra fuel use but the motorcycles themselves will require much more frequent servicing, creating waste products not easily recyclable, tyres, spark plugs, chains, oil filters etc…. I estimate the 14 or so bike schools in West Yorkshire including 3 in Bradford will double and in some cases treble their fuel and servicing costs. Then there are the individual riders on their own bikes, they are in exactly the same position, travelling up to a 100 mile round trip just to get to the test centre never mind any additional visit to do some training in the area.

My unheard request has always been this new test should;

A. Not be happening as we are allowing Europe to dictate our driving laws.
B. If it is happening it should be postponed until all the promised test centres are online.
C. Anyone taking their test, who is inconvenienced above and beyond the Governments and the DSAs’ criteria of no more than 20 miles travel distance, should be compensated for that extra cost.

Regards LS Williams

Here is a direct copy from the DSA RIA of the new tests impact on the environment.

Environmental issues

23. In selecting special manoeuvres sites, or preparing a specification for a contract for others to provide sites, DSA would require that the development of sites should have regard to minimising any adverse impact on the local environment. For example, brown field sites would be used in preference to others, and sites would be appropriately managed so as to minimise noise and disruption to local people.

March 2004

Written Mar 2008