The DSA (Double Standards Agency) have arbitrarily decided to make the new motorcycle as tough as possible for riders.

Firstly the legislation from the 2nd European directive which insisted on 4 mandatory exercises has on the DSAís interpretation turned into 11. That is how many are included on the off road part 1 test. Secondly the part 2 road ride has effectively been extended by remaining the same duration. The road ride will now include around 6/7 minutes of extra observed riding which will equate to covering a couple of extra miles. On a normal 30 minute ride that is a 20% increase. Extended tests are usually for bad boys who have had a ban or their licence revoked, well not anymore it is for everyone!

Finally the DSA have reduced the amount of minor driving faults that can be committed by a massive 30% from 15 to 10. There has been no consultation over this dramatic reduction. It is not anything to do with the EU directive that has imposed this ridiculous new test on us it is purely the DSAís decision. They have not given any valid reason for the change. Their only defence was to say it should not influence pass results too much (so donít be nervous and twitchy and commit too many minor faults) they also stated that anyone committing 10 minor faults should not be given a licence any way. If so why is that not the rule NOW!

This is not a vocational test like LGV or PCV. The nearest comparison is the car test. So a motorcycle rider has to take 87 minutes worth of testing (car 57 minutes), do an extra 20% observed road ride (car remains the same) and have their margin for minor errors reduced by 30% to 10 ( car allowed 15). It would be much simpler to just ban motorcycles all together, which seems to be what some of the people behind these unfair decisions want!

Loz Williams Bike instructor. April 2009.