Meet the instructors. We are not as scary as we look in the pics, Honest!

A little info on each of the team.

Peter Nicholls


Motorbike Riding Lessons Bradford

Pete is a fairly recent addition to 2wheelskool. He left Oz a few years ago, Yes exactly WHY???

He has been a biker all his life and has lost count of how many bikes he has owned. The range is impressive from small two stroke jap stuff, to BSA's and Triumph's a plenty and then onto more modern bikes. Seems like a bit of a Honda fan, he has had Pans, VTX, Goldwings a Valkyrie and even a couple of trikes. He has come home to roost and is riding his 3rd BMW1200 GS, which he uses for liesure and a KTM for instructing.

Pete is conscious he is reasonably new to instructing over here but he already has loads of experience from the land of Oz. He was qualified over there and started his courses from the beach front car park in the picture. I know everyone is thinking WTF, why in gods name return to the UK? You can ask when you see him, I do every day!

He has some advanced qualifications too for both car and bike (IAM) and he used to do some car hill climb racing in his younger years. Pete's main aim is to get you thru CBT safely, he is very patient and very knowledgeable on what is required to ride a bike. And due to experience of training abroad he has a unique way of getting it across. He is semi retired now so does this more to keep the ahlziemers at bay rarther than to earn a crust. Although some of us think it may be too late for that. According to the Magna Carta he is also listed as the oldest instructor we have, so Mark has gladly passed that mantle to him. Welcome to 2wheelskool Pete and over the next few Years we hope to see him progress up the instructor food chain.

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